Russian for Hospitality Industry. A1

This Russian language course for Hospitality Industry is an elementary course of the Russian language for those who work in the travel and tourism sector and need Russian for communication with tourists of the hotels, restaurants, tourist agencies: managers, receptionists, waiters, barmens, sport-instructors, tour-leaders, medical personal.

Goals: familiarize with the Russian alphabet and reading rules. Development of grammatical basis and basic language and communication skills in professionally relevant situations, as well as psychological-cultural training for work and communication with Russian tourists.

Communication content:
  • Russian Alphabet - getting started;
  • Meeting tourists. At the airport;
  • Accommodation in the hotel, resort;
  • Resort, hotel. Provided services;
  • Recreation and entertainment;
  • Sightseeing tours, excursion trips;
  • At the restaurant, coffee shop;
  • Sports and active recreation;
  • Medical assistance at the resort;
  • Departure and leave-taking of tourists.
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  • Certificate of completion
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