Russian in Ten Days


Experience the most effective online Russian language learning program you've probably never tried…

If you've ever thought about learning to speak Russian, you may have the following self-doubts:

  1. Remembering countless Russian words seems impossible.
  2. Russian is one of the most difficult languages in the world. Can I really do this?
  3. I'm very busy. Learning to speak takes too much time.

You've missed out on the fastest and most effective path to communicating in Russian, and didn't know it!

Sadly, most people end up following the herd. Meanwhile, the smart ones follow a proven system step by step, and within days are speaking and understanding Russian.

I promise that this is NOT related to:

  1. Trying to remember thousands of words, and then forgetting them all because they were learned outside of authentic context.
  2. Some fancy computer program that flashes pictures and words, but teaches nothing.
  3. Listening to 100s of CD's over and over again, then realizing that language learning is also a visual process.
  4. Losing hours trying to learn the difficult grammar rules that hinder your speaking, when actually the brain responds best to learning through patterns.

Methods like that will work for some people, especially those who already have a lot of experience with Russian, but as a beginner, you need to follow a step by step method that lets the latest and most powerful language acquisition techniques do the hard work for you.

With the correct methods, you will not only learn to speak Russian fast, but it will be fun and easy.

You'll be able to…

  1. Win over the Russian people with your language skills, and be the center of attention.
  2. Easily handle any situation that requires spoken Russian.
  3. Communicate on a deeper level, which strengthens your relationships with native Russian Speakers.
  4. Be the only foreigner there who can actually speak, while all the others continue to struggle.
  5. Have the advantage of not needing to rely on others to say and do things for you.
  6. Buy things at stores, order at restaurants, make reservations, book excursions, all in Russian, and all with total confidence.

This program is for you if...

  1. You're headed to a Russian speaking country and you want to go in with the ability to communicate.
  2. You're communicating with Russians at work, or in your personal life, and have reached the language barrier.
  3. Other courses that you've tried haven't taught you to speak and understand Russian.
  4. You're a complete beginner with no knowledge of the language.
  5. You are ready to follow along with the lessons as they are laid out.
  6. You are busy and would like to learn Russian on a tablet or mobile while on the go.


  1. No previous knowledge required
  2. Internet connection
  3. Computer or Android Mobile Device
  4. Google Chrome web browser

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