Pronounce Properly in Russian

When learning to speak Russian, you must try to produce the sounds of speech according to accepted standards. Pronounce Properly in Russian is a handy, comprehensive course that will enable you to pronounce Russian as it is spoken in Russia today.

This program can be used by:
  • those wishing to learn Russian by themselves; this course provides plenty of practice to help beginning students master the basic sounds of Russian;
  • those who know some Russian and want to improve their oral skills in pronunciation and intonation;
  • students enrolled in an introductory Russian language class who feel they need more training in, and practice with, the Russian sound system;
  • students enrolled in intermediate and advanced courses who want a comprehensive review of Russian pronunciation.
Whether you are just beginning your study of Russian, or have had some training in the language and just want to brush up on your pronunciation, this is the course for you! Previous knowledge has not been taken for granted; definitions and explanations are clear; and the practice words and sentences are utterances you will find useful.

Pronounce Properly in Russian is a comprehensive, self-contained course that should enable you to acquire or improve Russian speaking skills. AII you need is an Internet connection, a little investment of time, and a lot of patience! Good luck!

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